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Care Services

Prenatal and postnatal services are provided by most German insurances. 


Care in Pregnancy

I offer care in pregnancy alongside your Frauenarzt. Once you have made contact with me I will arrange a booking appointment which is carried out at your house. This appointment includes:

  • Taking a medical history

  • If applicable discussing previous pregnancies

  • Discussing prenatal screening where needed

  • Different options for birth: hospital, geburtshaus or home delivery

  • Options for childbirth preparation classes

  • Exercise and diet in pregnancy.

Where possible I like to meet with the pregnant lady at least once or twice in the pregnancy. I am happy to offer antenatal checks, if the Frauenarzt is unable to do a check.

Post Natal Care

Care Post Delivery

When you return from hospital after the birth of your baby I make regular house visits.  Care provided includes:

Care of the Baby
  • Observe the general well being of the baby

  • Care of the cord

  • Help with feeding (breast or bottle feeding)

  • Help with first bath of your baby

  • Teach techniques to help soothe your baby and relieve gas

Care of the Mother
  • Monitoring general well being of the mother both physical and emotional 

  • Checking that the uterus is involuting

  • Control of wound healing -from either vaginal delivery or cesarian section

  • Assisting with breastfeeding and supporting and advising with any difficulties

  • Early postnatal exercises to include the pelvic floor and abdomen

Image by Tuva Mathilde Løland
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